Is this way of wearing suitable for sex dolls

I also think that strong physical action but improper action on sex doll will damage TPE / silicon or its skeleton. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of videos on YouTube that clearly explain these technologies (for older people, unconscious victims, etc.); or I can’t find the right person … but some members of the forum can definitely tell you more information. I used to carry my friends by passing my forearms below my hips and holding me tightly, so that the weight was well distributed between the arms / backs and it was okay to lift them (even if not Thick, they happily exceed 40 kg) I wonder if this way of wearing is suitable for sex dolls, or will it damage TPE / silicone? . It’s important to be careful when entering the door, not to knock it down and it costs the biggest price, which is indeed a luxury, but when I visited these attractions, I immediately realized that this is the number one title of absolute art, It is also the smallest head cosmetic stone.

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