Now I choose the sex dolls model

Not all. Even if I have a function that makes a woman’s body pleasing, I still want a sex doll. I wasn’t surprised to see that baby doll orders sometimes cause problems at customs. What surprised me a bit was that it didn’t present a fact! In my case, I’m 1.73m. So I won’t ask questions at customs. I chose a WM doll of 1.70m. Even if it’s true, it suits me well (because we repeat it often). The weight is huge . Apparently yes! I’ve been walking around for weeks, and now the sex dolls I’ve chosen are those I’m obsessed with. But since I still have a lot of time to buy, I don’t make the final decision at all. It is true, but I have a weakness for a girl my size, about 1m70, and I know that I will love it because of weight.

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