I have the same sex dolls as you do

Because in addition to loving sex doll girls of the same size, I also like their sexy, I do n’t have a favorite under 35 kg … I also watch a lot of these size clothes, but even if I like 1m65 + dolls, Nor can the silhouette convince me. To give you an idea, I like the beautiful contours of bcp with marked hips / thighs. Do n’t have a big chest ^^ ‘I have to be mentally prepared, I feel that dolls weighing 40 kg will come haha ​​^^’ Anyway, I still have time to think about it, look at other brands, come and go until it is determined to be mine select. I also decided to run a lot of votes on the forum. (Registered in November 2016, registered the first doll in February 2018) I have the same sex dolls view as the size of the doll, I fell 161cm, the problem is that the biggest choice is’ 1m60, at 1m70, the choice is very limited.

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