Looking for accurate Japanese sex dolls models

Do you have to watch directly on the Japanese catalog to realize the Japanese sex doll we are missing? I can try the online catalog. For example, on the WM140, at first glance the D Cup is too much. Although A is likely to go. It’s also a whole after I didn’t wear a specific hat. For example, on a 140 object, A may not vibrate, but on an object 150, it may not be able to do it, and D does not seem to be so big to me. But it’s a good female proportion. When the hips and buttocks are plump, it is certain that a small hat will not be in harmony. Then D can proceed smoothly. I’m not looking for an accurate Japanese sex dolls model, but I want to understand the global situation temporarily to understand the possible situation and better define my needs. Generally speaking. My name is Alexander and I have been 26 years old since the end of August. I live in northern France.

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