Chinese looking beautiful sex dolls

Does this mean that Asian DO prefers sex doll in Europe / North America, or do we only partially see what our European keyholes are distributed around the world? why? Still not “mature”? Still nothing to see? Because in the end, a face can be of Asian type without being a “minor” … Anyway, I have noticed that I am personally interested in bodies smaller than 1m50 (I am not oversized) and smaller For breasts (above the C Cup, I don’t like …), the choice is limited to “legal”. But hey, I’m not in a hurry, I save it, take a look and notice. On the one hand, it’s juvenile, on the other hand, it’s crazy to put the entire face catalog online. Some brands have about 200 (some must be good at distinguishing them). The faces of TPE are actually a bit neutral, usually Eurasian, don’t forget In Asia, girls’ eyes are open. For example, the oldest faces look beautiful in Chinese sex dolls, while the most recent faces look beautiful in the United States. No fantasy like Barbie or inflatable doll has been calculated. Faces are greedy for the limitations of lovers. So WM140D is too busy for you, but what about 140A? It’s shameful anyway.

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