Combine these perfect standards Japanese sex dolls

Actually, I am looking for a tall and thin Japanese sex doll. To be sure, I do n’t like big breasts … (Yes, the small breasts / big breasts battle can begin. Then, I want to know what is the best in terms of manufacturing quality and materials to achieve a perfect realistic rendering The effect. The best vagina etc. I’m trying to find information, but it will never be worth the feedback from users! I also want to know if there are some serious robots, and I see real dolls that only move their heads, have they made the whole body Things that move? If there is no perfect woman, I do n’t think there is a perfect doll. If I understand correctly, you will be tired of the women you meet, and these women do not correspond to your impression of “ideal woman” , Mainly on the “body” level, you want to find Japanese sex dolls that combine these perfect standards. That is to say, given your expectations, especially what you just described (perfect vagina, fully movable doll.

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