Best advice I can give your Japanese sex dolls

There are some dolls whose photos are more detailed, including details (skin texture, depression in the back of the shoulder bone, finger ribs of the hands and feet …), and other Japanese sex doll with less detail but more closed use, lying On the bed or other. However, they are vulnerable. Often, the heads are interchangeable (screws or clips), and the hair is a wig, so you can do what you want to do, as do your eyes. The most difficult thing is to choose a body that will make your dreams come true. You also need to consider the weight, because your weight is very heavy, and the dolls of 25 and 40 Kg are almost twice the original. And after knowing how to use it to minimize damage. Take care after your head. Sometimes there are specials and a second person is also available. See dealers and parties, such as Christmas. Taking the time is the best advice I can give your Japanese sex dolls. I think I have a bad understanding of myself, which is good.

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