When I asked for my choice of Japanese sex dolls model

If I remember correctly, the electric blanket is at the center of these debates. It brings good results for some people, is dangerous for others (for tpe Japanese sex doll or fire), and is useless or ineffective for others. Heated mattresses are also mentioned. In short, please read or re-read to comment. Mine is not finished yet. Hello, everyone. Sometimes we may be brunettes, sometimes we are blondes. After setting the picture. Hi, I signed on this site for advice, feedback on the quality, resistance and aging of these dolls in order to buy one. Thanks to those who created this forum, I think I can avoid getting lost and make the wrong choice among all the brands and models available. I almost bought one on Aliexpress (considering the price), but to my disappointment, when I asked for other photos of the Japanese sex dolls model I chose, the seller gave me on the ad + from another perspective.

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