Weight limitation complicates Japanese sex dolls exercise?

I confess to the face of so many Japanese sex doll makers and the choice of standing or not standing between materials (silicone / tpe), chest (hollow / full), skeleton type (removable shoulder, grip) We are a little overwhelmed. Especially because after explaining this thing in various places, we finally raised new questions that we haven’t thought of yet. I told myself that the first step might be to “test” a doll for a few important elements? The first is weight. This is one of my biggest concerns even if I don’t target the “especially heavy” model. Especially because I live in a small apartment, it is really difficult to enter the bathroom (the aisle is 65 cm wide, the aisle is as narrow as 35 cm, and I can enter the shower room). Under normal circumstances, the risk has been very difficult (is it possible …), and then the Japanese sex dolls exercise is complicated by the weight limitation.

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