Otherwise, you can choose TPE Japanese sex dolls?

You have come to the right place, you should not worry, realize that Japanese sex doll are also accompanied by “restraints”, just like everything. Educate yourself well, the most important thing is to ask all the questions you have to remember, you will see here that only people are willing to help you. And when you are ready and decided, I can only suggest that you visit the website referenced on the forum to order, at least you can determine what you will receive and there is no fraud. You have come to the right place and your question has been answered. Taking the time to discover and compare what is done is a good thing. There are many criteria and restrictions for choosing a doll that suits you, and you have mentioned some, such as weight. If your budget allows, you can use silicone dolls, otherwise choose TPE Japanese sex dolls. You should find a lot of information by browsing the forums.

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