The only service that can repair and provide sex dolls

According to the brand, the texture of the skin will reduce the smooth effect of sex doll. Personally, even if 2018 is better than 2017, I am not a fan, but it must depend on who takes care of the finished doll’s luster coming out of the mold. , Its cooperation makes it look more beautiful. Otherwise, what is “shrinking” for you? TPE is a material, it is very full (except for breasts, it is fun, full and cute), the doll is very fragile, so to avoid breakage, please handle it carefully (forget about Kama Sutra) and maintain it properly. Then, you have to buy them on the website referenced on the forum, love dolls, and if there is a break, the only person who can repair and provide sex dolls after-sales service can rest assured, especially don’t buy on eBay, etc … and finally Don’t forget that dolls are not sex toys, but pet dolls.

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