Friction still catches more sex dolls dirt

Part of the problem is finance. I think I’m going to crack it. I also want to participate in this forum to see if the sex doll is sturdy and easy to repair, and more generally whether there are plumbing repair sex toys. Do you have any suggestions for glue? If you buy on one of the affiliate sites of this forum, you will see that these sites provide complete toolkits =) First of all, we hesitated, we took a risk, and then we finally knew if this was what we were looking for (Or, unfortunately, no) it will tear the TPE after rubbing (just like facing forward in a bathtub, if your frontal wound is small and related to a fall, that’s bad), it will form A pink skin, rubbing can still capture more sex dolls dirt. Some bones are broken. I have never encountered this problem, but I know the joints are worn out.

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