Not on the perfect hips of sex dolls

This is not the case with TPE. On the other hand, depending on the position of the members of the sex doll, you will have wrinkles (the appearance is as natural as skin / meat). (For example, in the groin when seated). These folds will soon disappear after changing positions. Maybe in the long run, these folds won’t disappear if you never change the position of the doll, but I can’t comment on this. [Edit: Well, Rico’s post is good, we see it marked … but it doesn’t seem to be a tpe problem … weird …] However, I see the TPE at the bottom of my doll’s hips on the thighs and hips There is a slight crack at the junction of her (her hips are large but nothing is unacceptable (not the perfect hips of sex dolls in the “pop” sound), and the rest, peeking in the forum, you will find The answer (not necessarily final).

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