Are you unsure whether you will receive sex dolls that you have ordered?

You can leave marks on it, such as those caused by bed sheets or clothes being too tight, but these sex doll marks will disappear over time. For hugs, just don’t be like na, otherwise, there is also the danger of tearing. TPE is expandable, but it can reach a certain level. A doll in the TPE is crumpled because it has to stay too long in a bad position (for example, sitting) and a doll must always lie on its back. Don’t buy dolls on eBay because it usually fakes toxic substances in tpe, which is a very fragile skeleton that will break and you are not sure if you will receive the ordered sex dolls. Inflatable dolls, I’m not talking about those dolls that are still blocked in customs and other situations … Because of the holes, just like everyone, it’s normal for you to cry.

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