Is it illegal to buy mini sex dolls?

I am new to the forum, so I gave a speech: 40 years old, in pairs, living in the Paris area. My wife often goes abroad. I told myself that a small sex doll would occupy me when I was alone, and I was not alone Not very familiar with this universe (I only have a flesh-colored masturbation device), I want something compact and lightweight that can be easily stored, and suddenly I thought I would aim myself at a 100 cm mini doll, But I was impressed. Unfortunately, ordering this product in France is a bit risky and I will create a topic on this topic! I have read only 1 article on this topic, if I correctly understand that buying mini sex dolls in France is completely illegal, then please transcend. Sorry, I ca n’t buy a bigger one. The price, size and weight are over 140 cm, which is still a problem for me.

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