Are there any models that cause problems sex dolls?

These miniature dolls seem a bit like teenagers (that’s what disappointed me and my wife), but are there sex doll models that don’t cause problems? Considering the number of sites available (even in France), I do n’t think this is banned, and I would not risk taking the police at home for sexual purposes anyway … maybe there are dealers in France offering direct inventory Small model? (So ​​no need to go through customs). Personally, I don’t want to have such a small doll. I understand that this can sometimes cause trouble for customs, etc. To be honest, the fact is that it does not constitute a fact that surprised me! Even though the model has all the looks of a “mature woman”, I find that size itself is still an important feature of youth. Only the sex doll maker can design one that can fold perfectly into 2 (for storage), and that the hips and chest are filled with helium (to save weight)!

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