These children reproduce the parental care posture for Japanese sex dolls

I have also established contact with children who have reproduced their parents ’care posture for Japanese sex dolls, but they are cruel and cruel, being able to suddenly throw the doll on the ground or start hitting it … C ‘is a humane object, But it can also be treated like an object, and the encounter of these two relationships is an exciting area of ​​trouble. I will be interested in your memory. Do you work on dolls? you have one? I will give you longer, but I work, so I miss time. When we settled in the room, the actors and dolls were on stage, completely naked. He is with her. I was deeply impressed by his power, because despite the fact that the doll was heavy, it still gave the impression of ease. I have never seen a scene with a naked actor. We’re used to the Japanese sex doll, but when he put his pants in half of the room, I felt a bit relaxed in the public (I shared it with them!). The work lasted for an hour and was played alternately on video and on stage.

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