I decided to watch the cleaning tutorial for Japanese sex dolls

Regarding nudity, maybe a desire to blur the boundaries of the Japanese sex doll, showing that there is almost no physical difference between us and the doll? But yes, I must ask what message they want to convey. Compassion is a powerful and awesome influence that is very useful to humanity. Hope it will last. I didn’t read your answer … Thank you for taking me so long and getting an accurate answer, I will go and see the side of this company, I have not heard of this thing. Anyway, I totally agree with you, what is interesting is what everyone sees. The scenario you are talking about must indeed be very powerful. I think what made me decide to watch Japanese sex dolls was a cleaning course. The moment when the gesture of nursing and the gesture of torture were confused in my mind, the ensuing troubles and this showed our reflection on humanizing this object.

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