Means it is a sex doll model of WM

I want to use your information for clarification: Take your “WM 161 Capucine” as an example, which means that it is a sex doll┬ámodel of WM, with a body length of 161 cm and a head of “Capucine”? I tried to find it on the directory WM, but it doesn’t seem to exist, but the “Capucine” header (by the way the “Shannon” header): Is it because these headers are no longer done? If the “natural” color is white, what should the “white” color be! Guys, I want to confirm: so far, I think (quite stupidly) the body is exactly the same as the breast, for example, between 140 B cup and 175 B cup, except for the breast, the ratio just changes according to size. But looking at the photos doesn’t seem to work … Are you sure? Thanks in advance! I personally named the sex dolls. Shannon’s face is an ANNA model of WM and Capucine’s face is a VICTORIA model.

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