I found that sex dolls are having problems

Interestingly, in all my previous lives, I found that sex dolls have encountered problems … For my next life, I decided to be a monk, but a Shaolin monk because you don’t have to disturb me! Most temperatures are around 90 degrees Celsius. The advantage is that the doll does not need to be comfortable, as long as it is adjusted under the bust to keep it beautiful in the photo. The doll’s target is 70-75 cm under the chest and 85-75 cm under the chest. The 95 cm 85B-90C breasts in TPE are actually less than 35 kg, even in silicone. You would rather look for 80C to 75E, you will find something, but … are you a perfectionist? I know that many terms can limit the “male” related to these sex doll (or 2 or 3 …), but I have not heard of “incompatible with women”!

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