Very expensive mold Japan sells sex dolls

Possible answers to confirm: Because 4woods Japan sells very expensive molds and molds and final mold development and adeyaka Uruwashi are expensive, in the end I think that a lot of money engaged in manufacturing is invested at least 1 year before leaving the market for road bodies, not much Possible profitability years ago, especially now that there may be too much competition, selling performance agencies and going through. I am looking for more suppliers for other process materials. You talk about marketing, I didn’t even think about it. Currently, I am planning three projects, including a reliable prototype. As you haven’t explicitly stated, for styling, unless you are a truly talented sculptor, it is suicidal and can replicate the human body. I am at work and plan to print a 2d pattern, similar to a slice of a medical scanner. With a piece of hard foam, I counted fourteen of a shipyard (the sex doll is not complete), cut out from the top (solid monster clay finish) or from the bottom (finished by cutting the foam) so this is feasible It ’s easy to reproduce, especially if there are any issues or policy errors.

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