A product that respects human skin sex dolls

The main thing is to have a sex dolls product that respects human skin. If not, hello. I think the next attempt is to enter the film cosmetics in the silicone range of the mask. We are very safe with the mold. It is difficult to achieve the technology I have tried. That is to use medical plaster strips to shape the human body. Models ca n’t move After you can easily rent models in Paris (professional models for painters …), this can be costly. I quickly dropped the project because the molds were very precise and it was difficult to solve the texture problem. Skin, hot mold … The perfect mold takes a lot of time and money to develop. I think this is the most expensive mold, and I think the sex doll is very expensive to sell (if the manufacturer agrees to sell it a) assuming Confirm that you take 4woods made in France 4woods in Japan Question: Why is there only 3 organisms in France?

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