We should not compare Japanese sex dolls

I have sex with Japanese sex dolls many times a day, but sometimes this is what I think is “making love”, which is not common and far apart! First of all, it has no help from porn, or just the spread of groans (or like a movie walking in another room), some music (rather than covering up the noise of neighbors), but still in complete silence Better, especially when it lasts. I’m not talking about orgasm, not the exact opposite. It takes time. Don’t seek fun. Instead, continue to enjoy the moment and try adventure. Fire action as a doll standing on the arm. C’It’s very personal, I don’t think we should compare, we have to live the life we ​​want with his Japanese sex doll. Some people will make judgments quickly, but this should not be considered. On the other hand, in forums, mutual respect is important, and even if one talks about sex, one should not fall into pornography or vulgar behavior (speech and photos). A horse, I thought it was the power of a car?

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