Attention for a long time Japanese sex dolls

Unity in diversity “is better than” the last sentence: I have noticed Japanese sex dolls for quite some time, that (in principle) the language and words used to understand us are the first cause of misunderstanding! I say one word, the other says that word … but what do we say after this word? Sometimes (often) it is very different! For example, asking someone to define the word “love” … you will see the number of different definitions that will appear … or not, because some definitions are so confusing that it is almost impossible to define them. Another (stupid and interesting) example: quote the word “horse”. For some people, you mean large tetrapods. To others, you are talking about special beer (there is indeed a beer called “horse”)! We sometimes don’t know each other about all these Japanese sex doll. would we be surprised? I stopped there because it was slowly showing novelty.

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