The price definitely makes the cost advertising extreme sex dolls

Since I haven’t spread throughout Region 1, I don’t want to stupidly flood. Is the price of extreme sex dolls surely the cost of making the advertising of 170 has its face and shooting costs less potential customers, and they cough up the brave 157B is also a large chip bar, but I think this is a model, its sales Larger and more affordable, with a mass production price a bit like the 140D, which was very successful, and there was nothing logical in the doll. The favorite 155BB is more expensive than 157B and almost higher than 156B. 155’s bar is big, but does she have the expected success? The weight of my future sex doll will increase by nearly 15 kg and 15 cm, which will reduce my cost. It will be interesting for Luno to use the percentage of sales as statistics.

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