My initial selection of sex dolls is often seriously confirmed

I haven’t read everything, but my initial choice of sex dolls is often seriously confirmed … even 99%. By carefully considering each criterion and any budget (with patience), … this is still the first time to get people to the heart. Then just fine, especially since I only read good books. The remaining 1% is a bit confusing compared to its semi-twin (slightly 1 cm longer) and very similar size, but the price is a gap (or even 2) behind. In my opinion, the price is consistent with the promotional fee, but in fact, my last visit was “somewhat” confused with the price of 156B (once higher). But it’s really an idiot: 43 kg of 156B is the same price than 170M. I have a lot of questions to ask, but I am hesitant to open a topic for this. I will make one in the “your order” section after the big step, but regarding the small details and final suggestions of the sex doll before buying, I don’t know if I have to do it here.

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