I have a hard time understanding this Japanese sex doll choice

I just saw a few photos of this Japanese sex doll and this doll. I would say that my thoughts (as usual!) Are not the opposite … not to hurt you, but to risk it. Deso, I have military training, no psychiatrist or diplomat … even though sometimes I do a little hard work. I have a hard time understanding this choice … and I don’t think it would help me to give me more than 25 arguments. The only argument that might help me is, for example, you say you did it … 100 centimeters yourself! Again! On the other hand, I effortlessly understand that this poses a problem for customs. I can look from bottom to top, left to right, and back and forth: In my opinion, these Japanese sex dolls look like a child with a woman’s body, not a woman the size of a child … rather than saying these Faces make me the opposite.

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