I can find Japanese sex dolls answer

I think manufacturers also want ambiguity. Hello is me, curious. Ass + x but beautiful. 60 years, 3 years of “Master” of outstanding Japanese sex dolls, which makes me very satisfied, except that it has no pubic hair and I have not found that it can be glued to silicone without causing damage. Also, the panties have been wiped off (I haven’t washed them before using it); it doesn’t show much, but I like perfection and I haven’t found a satisfactory stain remover because this color is now embedded in the silicone It must be extracted from the inside. I hope I can find the answer on the forum. Otherwise, I have good experience to share Japanese sex doll. Hello and welcome to the forum. You can find answers to your questions on the forum. Pubic hair is not sticky, and we explained very well on the forum how to make beautiful wool using only needles and old wigs.

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