I see sex doll 20 cm smaller than me

Does this mean that if I take WM140 as an example, it will not count? I thought it was an inclusive sex doll head. interesting! At your doll, he gives the headless size (135 + 15, not far from 150, almost 1-2cm, and suddenly sinks to the head), you will find it! I need to measure my 155 one day, and in my opinion, its feet stretch so much on the bed (when I hold myself at the same level with my shoulders, that’s fine, I see sex doll 20 cm smaller than me ). As the neck bet enters the head, the difference between the maximum fill of the neck and the rest of the top of the head is. And because each head is different, there is still little margin. Rinia’s head is bigger, so it makes sense to stay a little taller with her. If I understand correctly, the measurements given are based on the presence or absence of the mark. In any case, it is obvious for WM to include the head, because for 140, the packaging is 133, so it is impossible to place a 140 doll without a head. You really scared me, otherwise you will find that you don’t think you have a sex dolls model!

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