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I hope to find the answer to my sex doll question by browsing the forum. If not, I will ask them directly. I think you found the answer to your question in the right place. Between 140 and 158 (why 158?), You already have a lot of choices, everything depends on your constraints. (Budget, weight …) and your preferences! Especially when I understand correctly when leaving 1 to 2 cm of blank space when making dolls. I just make sure there is no more than 158 storage spaces. I have a 135 and the distance from the heel to the neck is 135 (where is the fixed position). Her head is bigger. My favorite is the WM 160 D Cup, but due to the weight of sex dolls, I prefer to take 135, because it is still good size and short. Yes, it almost doubled between 40 and 25 kg. You said that your doll’s foot-to-foot distance is 135 cm.

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