Why not visit the sex dolls manufacturing warehouse

The face of the sex doll dissatisfied me. Taste issues, I’m not a good suggestion for tpe, because “I’ve already encountered a problem, and the other problem with registering on the forum is the same. Nothing is resolved. Since she no longer moves. I move A few times, it opened the place for repairs. But some people like sex dolls, obviously there are a few problems, so you can see it. Yes, if you ca n’t like me like I did before, please make an appointment in the showroom, why not Visit the sex doll manufacturing warehouse. Yes, TPE or silicone, brand or another has advantages and disadvantages. At the level of arms and legs, my sex doll is much worse than my flexibility. But I have An old tpe model, I can’t tell you more. A few years later, I participated in sex dolls, and I’m very happy. But in all cases, regardless of quality or not, the doll is still fragile.

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