Is it possible to stroke the knees sex dolls

Distributors are also important! If you take sex dolls as an example, it can tighten your legs: you can touch your knees and the top of your thighs, leaving only a few centimeters of space in the middle (due to the shape of the legs), but very long). She can also cross her legs. A priori, crossing the legs of a sex doll is much more complicated. I don’t know if they can touch their knees, but depending on the model, there must be a certain gap between the thighs (upper and lower). The distance between thighs is usually inversely proportional to their ability to stretch their legs: the larger the gap between them, the farther the distance between the thighs. Only the latest Japanese models seem to be able to reconcile the two better. But the pitch is wider than that of some dolls TPE. In contrast, the sex doll’s hand is much more advanced than the ordinary hand, and the hand provided is much easier to grasp objects. We can’t have everything, I hope I made it clear.

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