In the trunk under the bed sex dolls

This is not a doll’s doll, but an unknown place, he found a photo in another community, and I seriously doubt the reliability of the comments that can be made on this doll, but I did not carelessly, these extreme The situation will not affect the future. Dolls are taken care of regularly (only on certain weekends and daily for others). I could have put the dolls in a suitcase under the bed or in a cellar, no, I prefer to commission them! You will see this when you are in the blue nickname. Good evening, 32 years old, single. I’m interested in this model. I tried Aliexpress … I made a big mistake, and even though I claimed I didn’t win, my sex doll didn’t look like photos! My question: Which sites are reliable? How to choose a companion? (Size, shape, chest, reinforcement when standing, shrugging, dental kit, tongue, movable or fixed vagina).

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