I hide under the bed of my sex dolls

In special cases, I hide under my sex doll bed (sometimes just on the bed with three duvets, you will only see the fire) I suggest you use a luggage bed (useful 30 cm thick), which will Ideal for hiding your doll from your girlfriend and son. I’ve dressed me in a black pencil skirt and sat on the edge of a piece of furniture in my room and had a great week. I own the sex dolls brand I can own. You take off her clothes and put her on the bed (pull the sheets firmly), then you have nothing for 1-2 days. Which brand has the best surface finish? I feel good here! What horrified me was the discoloration of the pencil skirt through pantyhose and panties. However, with sex doll products, everything is over. I mainly show the back of the legs to show the purpose of the product, but my other side is the abdomen because it bends a little forward and the skirt is a little bit over the belly button.

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