I don’t know about some Japanese sex dolls

Silicone and TPE japanese sex doll? Divine Dilemma! If you don’t have a budget problem, you can recognize that silicone dolls have better strength and weight and have the same shape. It is generally believed that TPE is more “realistic” than silicone. With 2 silicone dolls, and then the last one in TPE, I realized the difference. It’s hard to give you advice, I think you will find a japanese sex doll, even a doll can make you fall in love at first sight. The most realistic TPE? Bruno told me instead that I could check it in the showroom. Generally, TPE is a material that makes the “doll” a little more and the “rubber” a bit more. It does not appear on the photo and the actual rendering is a bit different. Well, it’s very light, and it’s not flippers. After that, maybe I don’t know that some brands of japanese sex dolls have very realistic rendering effects. When you see the way that it is not easy to get into the doll, you will regret not getting the insert, because it may cut into the inside, which is different from the integral tool that the scissors cannot enter, so it is sure.

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