Give you a silicone japanese sex dolls

I have a Japanese sex doll in TPE for more than three months without scratching. Like all, we have to be very careful in manipulating and moving, with a lot of sweetness and precautions. I don’t think the brand TPE doll on the forum is synonymous with poor quality. This of course depends on the use situation and whether it is done carefully. After good interviews, there is no reason for this person to play the role of companion and mistress for a long time. Now, “rich products are harmless”, if you can provide you with a silicone japanese sex doll, it is good for you because it is a guarantee for increased durability! And it seems that TPE is very good in terms of sex. It’s not unreasonable that silicone is more expensive, but beware, it’s also brittle. The slightest accidental tear on the skin is OK. In short, we must treat our beauty as a baby anyway. It’s not unpleasant and makes japanese sex doll so cute.

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