It seems that there is not much sex doll research time

I hope you have learned a lot. If not, you will sell it as soon as possible and disappear from the forum like everyone else: So, yes, there seems to be not much sex doll research time for topics that are still important. But why wait? Especially if you choose a model and have enough money. I admit that I am not very patient. After me, this is my first game, I can’t wait to want a sex doll, but I hope not to exceed it, maybe I will like it, maybe not, it doesn’t matter. I will lose a little money and hope, but it is good. After a week or two, I replied that I have lived here for 8 days. Anyway, I won’t regret it. I agree that for those who sell their companions very quickly, their purchase must be a temporary impulse, and for others, it is love at first sight or well thought out. I spend almost a few weeks. I know I want what I need in my life.

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