I just bought the first sex doll

Hello, I am Michelle, I am 55 years old. I just bought the first sex doll. Tpe 150 cm, I count on your good advice, because I started working, I am waiting for the coming days, I look forward to your reading. These three are not, but I am in the 150cm quality doll 77D name for the avatar of Gaby or Baya, it depends on the location of the sale, I can not enlarge the map, because these locations have been inlaid with the logo, I posted some I received . You will find a lot of suggestions on the forum to take care of your beauty. I have only done it recently. Now I don’t need to go elsewhere to find all the information that belongs to me. If you need something special, please don’t hesitate. There is a long-term existence here. The dolls can be very helpful for everyone. You will be more loyal to your doll, and she won’t get bored with these short-lived adventures because they can’t subjectively find unseen sex doll companions. I am also looking forward to my beauty! Good luck, you will see us here to bring you happiness and smile!

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