There are some tips to help you and mini sex doll

Unless it is an exhibition model! The site also sells lower-priced Expo models that are plagued by customers and therefore degrade in quality. The downside is that exhibit models that are on display for several months should use the perfume of the TPE lighter. The aroma of TPE is not obvious according to the brand and color. My¬†mini sex doll, one of the two years old and the other of the year, has no smell for me anymore, but for the friends who host them, they still feel His life comes with two 6YEs, so the reduction in odor is also related to habits. If it is real WM, it can’t be new; the problematic website doesn’t mention the used mini sex doll, and all the dolls Prices are very low. This is the original WM is impossible. I do sell some dolls from time to time, but they can only be found on classified advertising websites and advertisements, clearly indicating that they are used mini sex dolls. I will go and see that she must have a sacred existence! For gestures, imagine what the hospital staff will take. There are some tips to help you and your own posture. For the good side of things, you have a doll that can be heavy.

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