50 KG Is Very Heavy for A Mini Sex Doll

Hey, welcome, you may have noticed that 50 kg is very heavy for a mini sex doll. You will find a lot of advice on how to wear and handle. The easiest way to move is the bride’s technique. (On the back, raise the leg and bend it into a square shape, one hand on the folds of the knees, the other hand on the upper back or the neck) I don’t know the authenticity of the doll. But the difference in weight is not shocking. For other minor flaws, I guess it may happen, still a mini sex doll. I ordered my toy on the website. The advantage of this is that the mini sex doll is controlled in his studio before going home, so you can correct these small defects, the smell is normal, make him wash After a small bath, the smell will slowly disappear as time goes by. Don’t give up, I think the defects you quoted can be easily corrected (except for weight).

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