No one will look for a Japanese sex doll wardrobe in my room

There is a window on one side of the 2 meter long wall and 3.50 meters on the other side. Now, now, my only solution is a small vertical cabinet. When I visit, I can let my mother Alex stand there. A priori, no one will look for a¬†Japanese sex doll¬†wardrobe in my room. Then the rest of the time Japanese sex doll is in my bed. In the long run, I can’t imagine covering up Alex’s life. I don’t care about other people’s ideas. I have to adapt myself to the Japanese sex doll. Let me have this idea. Finally, those who know me know that I have always liked this hot girl, very good. Cracking the doll will not be too shocking. If just out of curiosity. I always do a lot of renovations at home. Anyway, I will put the cardboard on the cardboard.

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