Hang the Japanese sex doll somewhere

For my room number 2, I had to have a 140 bed to hang the¬†Japanese sex doll¬†somewhere. (Part of the house is used as furniture storage before the big work, one day…). “I just need to turn over everything on this bed and store it for years. Look at his situation. It’s almost new, but I have to be alone on the side of the house, first the bed frame, then the bed. Pad. Bring them to the mezzanine, then the stairs. Finally, go back to the other stair at the other end and put the Japanese sex doll upstairs in my room. Imagine an ant with a eucalyptus on the back: this is what I should be Alexandra is already there so I can fart in front of the Japanese sex doll. As long as we do… Cache loft is a good idea, but at home it is too high, there is a window at the bottom of the roof.


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