I have some information about the doll website

Thank you for your suggestion, rally. So basically, in order to get my hand, I will go to the local Bab’s 10-12 year old radius. At least the advantage is that girls nowadays don’t wear as much as “Little Girls” as they did in the 1950s. There will be a little choice. I am with you on the very high side of theĀ sex doll. Apart from the company, it has not shared her life as effectively as a real woman. For me, a couple is working together, exchanging ideas, etc. A doll, oh… this is a very, very beautiful green plant. Ok, otherwise I will wait to buy anything as an accessory, because I have some information about the website where I order the doll. (Before understanding this forum). A seemingly serious CGV, legal notice, etc… But we are talking about counterfeiting, so I hope I don’t have to send it back. Do you know if there are any topics in one place. How to identify counterfeit doll products?

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