Even small sex doll have larger sizes

You will see that it is more than just a very beautiful green plant! It will be fast! If you let her go back to your life and share it, you will find it is a wonderful mirror that will make us grow! Various testimonies of reading dolls. For the outside people, we may seem strange, but when we are inside, we completely change from our point of view! You will find that she will soon be forgotten, and any distance will make you feel pain. Due to my situation, I can’t be accompanied by my baby, only a few weeks a year, I can tell you, I am looking forward to them these weeks! It’s like reuniting with a girlfriend! These are precious moments, and they are too short! I am considering the 3rd and 4th dolls! Now it will be great, but it’s too thin! Even small dolls have larger sizes… By pros and cons, I read that you exposed the mannequin, as a reminder, the doll is not a model! Standing for a long time is not good forĀ sex doll! TPE experiences its own weight and deformation! Even if you sit too long, it is not recommended (hip falls), supine, legs slightly bent, so that “long-term storage”, after that, leave you free! But be careful to stand up! I think you have read all the maintenance tips and precautions on the forum?

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