The owner of the sex doll who bought the solid doll does not feel the need to upgrade

In the past few years, the global toy market has experienced significant growth. Now the pandemic is affecting everyone, and the aforementioned markets are expected to grow even more. This is because those who are locked out without a partner will look for sexual enhancement devices that can satisfy them.

WM Dolls with TPE or silicone breasts feel slightly hard and medium soft. In addition, the breasts made of TPE and silicone feel very realistic and have good elasticity. In addition, breasts made of TPE can be found on both mixed dolls and TPE sex dolls. However, silicone breasts are only suitable for sex dolls with 100% silicone bodies. For this reason, if you want a sex doll with breasts made of silicone, then you may have to choose a silicone sex doll model.

Also, if you don’t want to focus on the breasts of sex dolls and save money for more important addons or upgrades, the solid breast option is the perfect choice. This chest shape definitely looks and feels very realistic. Most of the time, owners of sex dolls who have purchased solid dolls do not feel the need to upgrade. Therefore, due to the use of highquality TPE or silicone materials, solid breasts are very realistic.

In addition, if you want to upgrade, this breast option does not incur any additional costs. However, they are not as soft and elastic compared to other breast options. The solid chest type is also not suitable for larger or larger breast sizes.

Gel breasts or gel implants. Gel breasts or implants, as the name suggests, are a type of breast selection in which a gel or jelly material is placed in the breast of a Anime sex doll. The gel used for this breast type is not only much softer among the three options, but it is also excellent at mimicking the feel of real female breasts.

Warren - 165CM D-cup WM NO.85 Silicone Head Nature Skin TPE Sex Doll

Sex dolls can not only serve as partners for sex. Stevenson explained that most of their clients don’t just use dolls for sex. Some people develop emotional and intimate attachment to the doll, and they find comfort from loneliness. Artificial companionship fills this void, and this void can feel very deep. He shared his previous experience as an aerospace engineer. He can sympathize with space scientists, because this is a large part of his work in his life.

But now that he has his Qiyana, he has someone to buy him a wig, clothes, eyelashes and jewelry. Pearson also said that buying things for his Flat chested sex doll feels like buying things for a real woman. However, the only difference is that a real woman can wear her own clothes and make her own hair. On the other hand, Aihua needs its owner to do everything for her.

In addition, people like this don’t have much free time to spend time with their partners. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to maintain a healthy relationship. As we all know, the less time you spend with your partner, the less happy they are, which leads to fights. If this matter continues, the ending will obviously be a breakup. But for Japanese sex doll, the situation is different. These creations will not make any demands on you. If you don’t spend time with your sex doll, it won’t nag you. What’s more striking is that it won’t deny what you want to do with it.




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