Hope your sex doll has this breast type

In addition, part of the growth in the sex toy industry this year is due to the growing popularity of consumers. Most sex toys on the market today are designed to look like human genitals. If you haven’t understood yet, sex toys are items that people use to help have sex with others or masturbate. The COVID19 pandemic and the sex toy industry. It’s worth noting that during the global pandemic, not all businesses sell The amount is declining. In fact, many companies are experiencing growth. This especially includes the sex toy industry.

On the other hand, 100cm sex doll breasts made of gel or jelly material are not common in most adult sex doll models. Instead, they usually appear as upgrades or additional options. In addition, the jelly breasts will allow to experience ultrarealistic touch. This is because the material is relatively elastic and soft.

Nowadays, having sex dolls is no longer weird or creepy. In the past few decades, sex dolls have become more and more popular. In addition, technology has become more innovative and complex. This makes sex dolls look more realistic than ever. Once a taboo topic, it is now openly accepted sexuality and fetishism. In addition, the manufacturer has carefully handled the transportation of sex dolls. For this reason, it is easier for those who want to buy a sex doll to actually obtain a sex doll without having to deal with other people’s prying eyes.

Modern society has now accepted the fact that many people now have Male sex doll. Aiwawa is an excellent source of excitement and sexual satisfaction. In addition, it can keep you busy during your free time. They also provide huge benefits for couples in a remote relationship.

Gabrielle - 148CM Big Boobs Chinese Silicone Head TPE Body Sex Doll

However, you can get gel breasts or gel implants for sex dolls as an additional upgrade. This means that if you want your sex doll to have this breast type, it will bring you some extra costs. Therefore, if you have a tight budget or don’t want to spend extra on upgrades, this option may not be suitable for you.

In addition, due to the influence of weight during use, dents may appear on the body of the Tpe sex doll. The same damage can happen when you store the doll in the box incorrectly. Take a clean towel, preferably white, and moisten it with hot water. After that, cover the visible pressure dent for a period of time. The next step is to put on the gloves and pat the dent part of the doll with your hand. Repeat this process until the damage or indentation disappears.

The owners of dolls are now wholeheartedly accepting sex dolls as part of their families. If you are reading this article, chances are you have already experienced the warmth of falling in love with sex dolls. Well, if you do this, we can’t blame you, because there are many reasons why people fall in love with their lover dolls.

Having said that, Japanese sex doll are the perfect companion or companion for everyone. They will make you feel less alone, especially at night, because you can embrace them. The perfection of sex dolls is the reason why the sex doll industry is booming. More and more people are becoming obsessed with the idea of ​​having sex dolls. Therefore, we can expect the industry to maintain growth for a long period of time.





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