Provide a huge realistic sex doll service for the community

I do n’t have much hope, but I think a topic summarizes a series of problems, precautions and specific examples may be effective for some novices. Mr. and Mrs. 62 I will not be as gentle as members of our forum, you Just brazenly mocked our so-called order on this censored website and seek advice now. Now, I will no longer tell you on the forum, and directly seek advice from your TPE sex doll dealer.

Once again, please mention the name of the supplier under review on the forum. I am new and I do n’t know the name. In any case, I do n’t want to advertise for anyone, but just want to show myself through politeness and as precise as possible. This is why I attach great importance to your comments, because I repeat, I am a novice in this field, completely without your knowledge level. I hope I don’t buy my doll from this supplier, lest I make a big mistake. Because you do n’t know the market, you do n’t know that the site has been reviewed.

158CM Big Boobs European Style Detachable Legs TPE Sex Doll

But when you do n’t understand the market, how can you say that a seller is serious? And this seller was reviewed on the forum? As I told you: you should talk earlier. I admit that I am too capable. For the time being, I am an apology person. The resurgence of inferior dolls or fake dolls shocked me. Whenever there are new members, I get angry. I will now prepare a ready-made text to welcome the new text purchased on the review site. Thanks to you, the next one will no longer be attacked by a powerful host. You have just provided a huge realistic sex doll service to the community.

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