We are doing TPE sex doll full body massage

This size is not suitable for me. Although this is only a representative of a woman who has reduced the scale, I can’t help but feel a little back from the 120 cm impeller because the authenticity of this menu is correct. A little bit shy, so I chose the noble and very beautiful Clara of the real sex doll‘s little name. It is a pleasure to rediscover the beauty of this rich and unmatched murderous smell.

After a few days of ventilation, the beautiful Clara has consumed all my energy in the past few days. Indeed, I practiced a real obstacle course in my residence at that time, sliding 29.5 kilograms of things between the sliding walls very softly in order to accurately place it in my bathtub. After the proper touch and drying with the finest linen, I installed the tarp on the ground, covered with a slide that touched my body, and of course the inflatable surface I had previously obtained.

Poor Clara! She is almost done in a geisha … me too! The first moment can be the application of talc powder … We almost thought we were performing a TPE sex doll full body massage. We are so hot, so the inevitable happened several times. Later, due to delicate movements and repeated cleaning operations, the kidneys turned. Unfortunately, I could only notice the enlargement of the holes and the deterioration of the inside.

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