All know the existence of real sex doll

Below you will find the chronicle of a 35-year-old man who has been single for many years. If I had known the existence of real sex doll for many years, the price shown at that time was far beyond my budget. Inflatable boats and fluff never interested me, it took me a long time. Recently, I realized that unlike my purchasing power, prices have fallen sharply. The two curves are X, and I became interested in this concept again, especially to give my right hand the rest it deserves.

Therefore, I am very timid and completely unimpressed. I first want to use the 120cm small petiole for low blow test, good idea! She did not come as a Smurf, but her expenses, together with freight and taxes, were unsatisfactory. However, in appearance, the product looks acceptable. However, I will not describe its delicate smell to scare away all the flies nearby.

The fate of this poor lady actually came out with two feet when TPE sex doll was natural. Nevertheless, taking responsibility is my responsibility. That’s why I plucked up my courage with both hands. After checking the equipment and capacity, I got an oxygen mask. I confirm that this is not an easy task for me, but I assure you that I will do my best to provide him with all courtesy. After a more attractive temptation, the beautiful girl is ready (reviewed).

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