I ask you to forget the smooth and firm support of TPE sex doll

I have confirmed with bad words, I carefully kept no textiles on my body, it is good to base on “water”, and I did not jump on my real sex doll lover with my feet. My meager experience made me smarter and shy. Therefore, everything is good. After reading this weekend, many positions were vacant, and I gained a lot of scattered knowledge from interviews. There is a problem that I am not sure of.

I would like to suggest that if the love doll made of silicone is said to be stronger than TPE, but in the case where you do n’t know what and by whom (based on my reading), this approach is not realistic (in my opinion ) Use removable TPE inserts in a complete silicone doll to properly protect the format is proprietary and therefore incompatible? (The premise is that they were not there initially) Although it is not yet possible.

But the problem comes from the idea of ​​150 cm or 160 cm (depending on the final weight and whether the skeleton is improved) and the face N ° 10, without heating but with eyebrow implants. Indeed, I can see how vulnerable TPE is. In this regard, I ask you to forget the smooth and strong support of TPE sex doll, such as the stainless steel top cover. I think TPE is still “stuck”. Although it is missing, the wrist does not appreciate the bare support.

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